30 November, 2010

I've Returned

So I've finally gotten around to scanning some of the stuff that I've been working on since I first created this blog. So I'll be posting stuff through out this week. It turns out I hadn't drawn as much as I thought I had, but THIS WILL CHANGE. CHANGE. CHANGE. CHANGE.

So here we go. This past April I scrambled some stuff together for NY's MoCCA two day mini con. I pulled a few all-nighters (which I hadn't done in some time) so was all together not really into the con itself when I was there, which I regret, but what can you do?

I made two little mini zines and a print which are still available to purchase.
One was filled with the following ink brush drawings (including two more) which unfortunately didn't really re-produce very well in xerox form. Oh well! Not bad for a first run!

I'm not really sure what they're supposed to be...cloud forms? smoke? water? still trying to figure it out through drawing them relentlessly.

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