27 December, 2010

Come say hi!

I will be at the Austin United States Art Authority on December 30th, 2010 with my roommate Nicolas Nadeau for the $2 Art Show. Starts at 7pm, I guess there's music and other crazy shit going on and hopefully I'll have stuff for sale, or at least things you can look at.


13 December, 2010

Sketchs of this summer

I was working up at Caprock Canyons Texas State Park this summer and it inspired some weather drawings from me. (there's a lot. i'll post them in clumps to keep you interested.)

i wish i could make prints of these, but i will make a zine!

07 December, 2010


This is the start of a sci-fi epic I've started with my pal
Zejian Shen.

copies of this first preview are a available for $1

Color Is Scary

but I'm trying to be brave, slowly wading into the pool
step by step.

These were done sort of in the same vain as those cloud brush drawings. I havn't made very many yet, but I think they're hitting a interesting point for me. I think I was channeling coral or something.