18 December, 2011

Monster Show 6

i TOTALLY forgot to scan my drawings for the Domy Books Monster Show. Luckily they took a picture of one of them (above). Plant monsters. I'd like to do more of them. You can sort of see my other one in the installation photo above this guy. Its above and to the right of the blue lisa hanawalt bat monster. it's black and blobby like this one. Thanks again for showing my work Russel Etchen!

02 December, 2011

Brooklyn Comics Festival

If you are in NY this weekend, why not check out the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival??

i'm in a brand new anthology called HAPPINESS Comix. The new DIMENSIONS (vol.2) and the first Strep Throat zine will also be making its debut along with a slew of other awesome comics and zines but my friends.

Go visit my buddies at the COLLECTIVE STENCH table anytime from noon to 9pm @ Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church 275 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.


Featuring works by:

Bethany Price
Heather Benjamin
Jesse Balmer
John Berry
Lala Albert
Sinnae Choi
Sophia Foster-Dimino
Tim Beckhardt
Torie Leigh

Front Cover: Thomas Toye
Inside Cover: Leah Wishnia

3D Centerfold: Zejian Shen

HAPPINESS issue no. 1 will feature the talents of:

Abraham Diaz
Andrew Bell
Amanda Konishi
Bethany Price
Clay Schiff
Rudolfo da Silva
Erina Davidson
Hiromi Ueyoshi
Jason Roy
Karissa Sakumoto
KJ Martinet
Krysta Brayer
Laura Perez-Harris
Leah Wishnia
Lincoln Bostian
Melissa Cha
Noah Butkus
Pat Aulisio
Peter Lazarski
Toren Falck
Whitney Kimball
Zach Collins
& Zejian Shen

25 November, 2011

comic cover letters

i did this a year ago when i tried to apply to BookPeople. I never got a call back. :\

I did this a couple days ago. I feel more confident about it, and hope that wheatsville will be more receptive. hire me won't you??

22 November, 2011


Roommates and I were in the East Austin Studio Tour this year. Not a whole lot of foot traffic but we got some folks to drop in. All work is for sale, email with inquiries.

work featured: Nicolas Nadeau, Melissa Cha and David Sherman

03 November, 2011

my buddy Leah Wishnia is starting a new comic anthology and needs some help getting it off the ground. donate a couple bucks wont you? one of the prizes includes a silkscreen done by yours truly.

20 August, 2011

keeping on keeping on

ill stop at 50
i want to make t-shirts


my submission for the Dino Show put on by Throat Razor. To be more accurate, I should be holding one or two batman figures. The mask and t-shirt both belonged to my friend Kristopher, and I would find any excuse to borrow them when I could. (I will also pay hard cash to anyone who can find that t-shirt and sell it to me.)

DINO SHOW presented by Throat Razor

(poster by Leah Wishnia)

18 August, 2011

something a little different

these two guys are from a story that i'm cooking up in my brain. who knows if it'll ever come to fruition.

tattoo idea

have you noticed that i like to draw k-9s when i dont know what else to draw?

i did this after watching werner herzog's new documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams. watch it! (in 3D)

these were all done when i was in the Guadalupe Mountains in far west texas for three weeks pulling wooly mullein. they don't reflect the actual landscape at all except the second from the top does a little. i wonder if my mountains are becoming too naturalistic? are they better when they're more fantastical? i dunno.

it is endess

the last one would be cooler if i hadnt insisted on making the bear work. oh well. also, the top one is the first acrylic painting i've done in over five years! madness!

14 August, 2011

more of this shit

i actually made a BIG mountain drawing (20"x 30") but do to absent mindedness it was lost in NY either in the trash, in lost 'n found at the airport, or in the hands of some wonderful person. (i hope it is the last one.) it was undocumented and unsigned. oh well.