11 May, 2011

left handed gun

i recently injured my right hand and wrist so in an effort to let it heal, i've been trying to practice drawing with my left hand. these are what i managed to pull out the other day...looks like i might still be able to keep a job if my right hand gets cut off.

each of these took little over an hour and were done really slowly. i guess i got comfortable with it pretty quickly because the last one is actually pretty complex. it was inspired by a dead coyote one of my co-workers found when we were out in oklahoma.

i've also been watching a lot of twin peaks lately...expect more mountains and maybe forests? caves? i dunno!

09 May, 2011

more mnts

this is more of the direction i think i want to head in with the large mountain drawings. a mixture of these two ways of drawing


ever since i read the PLAGUE DOGS by richard adams i've been kind of obsessed with drawing these mountains. they're relatively small, but i think i'm going to start working on some larger ones soon. i'm still not very good with color, but i guess theyre good exercises

06 May, 2011

Video of said Not Not Fun Show

NOT NOT FUN house show 3/19/11 from Melissa Cha on Vimeo.

Not Not Fun Flier of days past

this is the flier i made up for the Not Not Fun showcase that we hosted at our house, The Hounds of Love. it was originally one sheet that I cut up and turned into a little 8 page book that could be flipped inside-out.


here's the comic in full from DIMENSIONS volume one


A little late in posting about this but I was recently in this really fantastic comic anthology called DIMENSIONS put on through the amazing efforts of my buddies Zejian and Tom.

The first printing is now SOLD OUT but a second printing will be available soon. Check out the website for more information! There may still be a few copies available at DOMY Books in Austin, TX and DESERT ISLAND in Brooklyn, NY