21 February, 2012


I drew these... almost two years ago now. wow. some of my favorite male counterparts from Providence. but yeah, sometimes, I get into these modes where everything just comes out of my hands in exactly the right way. I don't know why it's not like that all the time.

The rest of these are more recent. Very very quick sketches, usually under a minute a most to draw. I think that they look looser but are very restrained at the same time? I gotta let go.

My favorite full-blooded chinese friends.

an old lady with a duck!....arm!

I just finished reading Reflections In A Golden Eye by Carson McCullers and I thought how wonderful it would be to make a graphic novel of it, but that's just another pipe dream right now.

14 February, 2012


my pal Lois Harada was kind enough to commission some postcards from me, leaving it totally up to me as far as content, so i decided to use it as a way to try things out. nothing super spectacular, but i'll keep at it.