30 January, 2012

I need to pay rent

anyone want to commission/freelance me? i'll do what ya like!
color even if so desired!

drop me a line hueyoshi@g.risd.edu

21 January, 2012

"When I Was Fifteen" comic for Dimensions 4

Here's the comic that I did that will be appearing in Dimensions vol 4, coming out June 4th, 2012. Everything is drawn and inked by hand.

Cover for Dimensions 4

This is the cover I did for the upcoming comic anthology Dimensions vol 4 out on June 4th 2012. It will be a 4 color silkscreen printed by the infamous Thomas Toye. Dimensions is edited by the notorious Zejian Shen.

02 January, 2012

King China

This drawing is going to be in a French fanzine about China soon (i think?) called Deadline.
Thanks Florian and Popcube for inviting me to participate!!